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How to Start a Virtual Tax Preparation Business Huskey Practice Manager Blog

how to start a virtual tax preparation business

Create a conducive virtual office environment that promotes productivity. Design a workspace that minimizes distractions and allows you to focus on your clients’ needs. Filing formation paperwork with the state is just one step required to start a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

how to start a virtual tax preparation business

Taxx Savage offers a supportive community and the resources you need to build your business at your own pace. In addition to qualifications, it is important to look for candidates who have experience in tax preparation and are familiar with tax laws and regulations. You can also consider conducting background checks and reference checks to ensure that you are hiring the right people for your team. Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain a business license, tax registration certificate, or other permits from your local government. You will also need to obtain an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) from the IRS, which will allow you to file tax returns electronically. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of owning your own tax preparation business.

Costs of Starting a Tax Prep Business

Many professional organizations and community groups also have lists of members who are looking for a tax preparer. Read on for tips on how to start a tax prep business as well as advice on where to find potential clients, how much capital you need, and other considerations before business tax preparation checklist diving in headfirst. Starting your tax prep service will not only make accounting easier for you but also help boost your income as a self-employed individual or sole proprietor. Customers trust you and expect you to put measures in place to ensure their data is safe.

This will serve as your primary operating account for your new tax preparation business. Starting an accounting and tax preparation business can certainly bring in profits. Whether you handle businesses or individual tax preparation, there are always customers looking for help. Liberty Tax is a tax preparation service that was founded in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1997 and serves individuals and small businesses. In the US and Canada, there are over 2,500 branches and they have received several accolades over the years for their exemplary service.

Electronic filing identification number (EFIN)

You may be under the impression that you have to be a certified public accountant or tax attorney or hold some other professional credential to start a tax preparation business. In fact, you don’t need certifications or professional requirements to open your business. All you need is a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and you’re legally ready to go. Get all the equipment that you will need to begin starting your tax preparation business.

how to start a virtual tax preparation business

Filing an amended tax return can be necessary for taxpayers who need to make corrections or additions to their original tax return. Luckily, we will specifically focus on the importance of adding dependents to your tax return and the process of filing an amended… If you’re hoping to generate income with your new venture, it’s crucial to manage your cash flow.

How to Start a Virtual Tax Preparation Business

In addition, it’s important to consider your personal goals, current situation, and needs for the new business. If the name you like is available, you can register your business. There are several options for registering tax services for businesses.

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Just use your phone, computer, or tablet to upload your docs, and connect as needed. With virtual tax prep, you can celebrate Tax Season with ease and your biggest refund possible, guaranteed. When you sign up to become a remote tax expert with Intuit, you’ll get all the office equipment and training you need to work in a virtual setting. You’ll also enjoy other benefits that typically only come with business ownership, like the ability to choose your own set of schedules. In 2022, TurboTax helped more than 50 million taxpayers process $82 billion worth of returns.

What is the Taxx Savage Academy?

Plus, you can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. As your business grows, you’ll need to continue marketing and advertising to attract new clients. You can also start offering additional services, such as bookkeeping or financial planning, to further grow your business and begin to really earn a serious income. Some locations do require licenses and registrations that non-credentialed tax preparers must have to perform their work in states that have set requirements for tax professionals. Consider completing the IRS voluntary Annual Filing Season Program.

  • Consider hiring an SEO specialist or using online tools to improve your website’s SEO.
  • LLCs protect your personal assets in case of financial hardship or legal action from outside parties.
  • Get updates from your tax pro whenever, wherever, and on any device you’d like.
  • Whether you work at home or on the road, getting tax preparation services insurance can be a big relief when unfortunate things pop up.
  • You can then move your focus to finding your first clients, uncovering additional ways to promote your business locally, and grow your business into a profitable venture.
  • These sites will include domain options, hosting, and design elements to complete the entire process of developing your online presence.

According to Statista, the revenue of the accounting, tax preparation, and payroll services industry in the United States generated about $156 billion last year and will only be growing. While tax preparation software can help you prepare your taxes, it does not offer the same level of expertise and guidance that a professional tax preparation service can. Tax services are staffed by tax professionals who are experienced in dealing with all aspects of tax filing and have the knowledge and resources to help you get the most out of your return. The IRS requires that all tax preparers or firms filing 11 or more returns must electronically file. Before you can electronically file tax returns, you or your firm must apply to become an Authorized e-file Provider with the IRS and obtain an electronic filing identification number (EFIN).

EY TaxChat Pricing

In this article, we’re going to cover many of the considerations and the 13 steps involved in starting a tax preparation business from home. As with any type of business venture, there are legal and accounting details to think about, so reach out to an attorney and accountant for professional guidance on those issues. With the complexity and ever-changing nature of the U.S. tax code, I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say that demand will always exist for professional tax preparers.

how to start a virtual tax preparation business

The added benefit of being able to work from anywhere is that you can be more responsive to clients. Tax preparers who will file 11 or more tax returns, must submit them electronically. This requires becoming an Authorized e-file Provider and obtaining an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). In addition to the IRS training requirements, some states have specific education, training, and registration requirements that tax preparers must comply with. You don’t need experience to become an Intuit tax expert , but you do need to be willing to learn. Intuit offers all the training you need for free at Intuit Academy.

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